Zhenghua XU (许铮铧)

Full Professor
Awardee of “100 Talents Plan” of Hebei Province (河北省“百人计划”入选者)
State Key Laboratory of Reliability and Intelligence of Electrical Equipment
School of Electrical Engineering
Hebei University of Technology
Address: No. 8 Guangrongdao, Hongqiao, Tianjin, 300130, China
E-mail: firstname.lastname@hebut.edu.cn


  1. I will serve as the Program Committee Member in AAAI 2020, IJCAI 2020, ECAI 2020, and MICCAI 2020.
  2. One paper “Hybrid Deep-Semantic Matrix Factorization for Tag-Aware Personalized Recommendation” is accepted by ICASSP 2020 (CCF B).
  3. Two papers “Arena: A General Evaluation Platform and Building Toolkit for Multi−Agent Intelligence” and “Mega−Reward: Achieving Human−Level Play without Extrinsic Rewards” are accepted by AAAI 2020 (CCF A).
  4. Two papers “Semi-Supervised Attention-Guided CycleGAN for Data Augmentation on Medical Images” and “Tumor Segmentation Based on Deeply Supervised Multi-Scale U-Net” are accepted by BIBM 2019 (CCF B).
  5. I will serve as the session chair in IJCAI 2019.
  6. One paper “Long Text Analysis Using Sliced Recurrent Neural Networks with Breaking Point Information Enrichment” is accepted by ICASSP 2019 (CCF B).
  7. One paper “Diversity-Driven Extensible Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning” is accepted for oral presentation in AAAI 2019 (CCF A)

Research Interests

  • My current research interests include Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Intelligent Medical Diagnostic System, AI in Healthcare, AI in Smart Grid, Search and Recommender System, etc.

Selected Publications

1. Arena: A General Evaluation Platform and Building Toolkit for Multi−Agent Intelligence, AAAI2020, CCF A

2. Mega−Reward: Achieving Human−Level Play without Extrinsic Rewards, AAAI2020, CCF A

3. Diversity-Driven Extensible Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning, AAAI2019, CCF A

4. Tag-Aware Personalized Recommendation Using a Hybrid Deep Model, IJCAI2017, CCF A

5. Destination Prediction by Sub-trajectory Synthesis and Privacy Protection against Such Prediction, ICDE2013, CCF A